What You Should Know About Dental Implants

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dentist-11Dental implants let dentists fit patients with replacement teeth that are designed in both appearance and function to be indistinguishable from natural teeth. With many individuals electing to have such surgery, they may have a lot of questions about the whole tooth implant procedure.
However, many dentists feel that these individuals don’t ask the right questions.

The cost of the tooth implants is usually the most likely question. Dental implant surgery can be quite expensive, depending on how many teeth are being substituted. Patients intent on saving some cash might instead select a dental bridge or affordable dentures.

The next most common question patients ask is if dental implants are painful. Dental implant surgery is indeed a surgical procedure performed by an oral surgeon or dentist. However, the surgery and recuperation period are not typically painful.

Another crucial question is how can one find a qualified, experienced dental implant dentist. Find a dentist websites, personal recommendations, or referrals from other dentists are all great resources. Keep in mind though it is equally as important to discuss the dentist’s qualifications with them. The best implant dentists will have a great deal of experience and few failures.

cross section of dental implantPatients should also consider asking about any options. Implant therapy is great, but some patients may be better served by conventional prosthetics such as a fixed bridge, removable bridge, fixed partial denture, or removable denture. More than half of dentists surveyed said they have noticed more patients opting for dentures and or dental bridges over dental implants as a result of the economy or the fact that they do not have insurance that covers dental implants.

Even though the individuals still would rather receive the implant, they are opting for bridges for fiscal reasons.

Implants are the best false teeth money can buy, but that doesn’t mean they’re ideal for everyone. patients need to discuss dental implant therapy with their dentist, and know which questions to ask to make the best decision.

Am I a good prospect for dental implant surgery? Implantologists feel that patients sometimes fail to ask the most important questions. Some individuals, such as those who have certain diseases or smoke, are not good prospects, as dental implants are more probable to fail in these individuals.

Dentists also recommend asking how implants can help hold a partial or denture. Called mini dental implants or denture implants, they can help hold the lower removable denture firmly in place, making it easier for patients to chew, eat and talk.


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